Constitution and Data Policy

The Binfield Singers Management Committee have drafted a new Constitution and Data Protection Policy & Procedures for ratification at the forthcoming AGM to be held on Tuesday 25th September 2018 at Newbold College, Binfield.

All present, and prospective members, are invited to read the documents provided in the link below and either post their comments in advance to the Management Committee and/or raise them at the AGM. A vote will be taken by all eligible members to ratify the documents to ensure that The Binfield Singers comply with all current GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) legislation.

It is the recommendation of The Binfield Singers Management Committee that the documents be accepted by the members and the documents signed at the AGM.

To view and/or download the Draft Constitution (Version 4) and the Draft Data Protection Policy and Procedures (Version 2) please follow the link below:

The Binfield Singers Draft Constitution:
Draft Constitution for Binfield Singers V4 01Sep18

The Binfield Singers Draft Data Protection Policy & Procedures:
Binfield Singers Draft Data Protection Policy_V2 01Sep18